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3644 Wallingford Ave. N Seattle, WA Making art a part of everyday living. Tuesday - Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-6pm
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  BROWSE BY:   PAST ARTISTS            
► MEDIUM Diane Atkinson - Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls Mark Thomas - Abstract/Ink & Oils
STYLE Desiree Lourens - Neo-Surreal Mark Ouellette - Hand Blown Glass
COLOR/TONE Kenneth Susynski - Pop/Abstract Oils Ray Weisgerber - Nature Photography
SIZE Carol Blackbird Edson - Hand Cut Paper Arriba Stature - Abstract/Digital Art
PRICE Gary Hagar - Impressionist Landscape Oils Loren Jackson - Abstract Paintings
ARTIST'S NAME Davie Hagar - Pop/Abstract Art Lauren Black - Abstract Paintings
CUSTOM SERVICES Joe Staino - International Photography Christine Auda - Hand painted earrings
PAST ARTISTS Virginia Burzotta - Nature Photography Patti Bezzo - Pointillistic Paintings
Contact us if you are interested in art previously shown at the gallery. Robby Pease - Floral & Nature Photography Emily Livengood - Nature/Wildlife Paintings
Oksana Perkins - International Photography Kevin Wrenn - Photography
Oleksandra Pryveda - Ukranian Textiles Janet Miller - Encaustic/Mixed Media
David Mead - Local Photography Betty Hageman - Abstract Oils
Renee DeMartin - Wildlife Photography Deborah Klein - Hand Cut Paper
Karen Johnstone - Shibori Scarves Mark Nogaki - Pen and Ink
Deaw Intawong - Bamboo Lamps Ryan Synovec - Medium Format B&W Photo
Dale Unruh - Wildlife/Nature Photography Julie Scandora - Landscape/Watercolors
Scott Gordon - Found Objects Bob Ness - International Photography
Kathryn Fairchild - Nature Photography Jeni Dahn - Lightcatchers/Mixed Media
Tom Hughes - Silver rings and bracelets Kelli Knickerbocker - Mosaic/Mixed Media
Jasmine Zimmerman - Functional pottery Hossein Peigahi - Impressionist/Monotypes
Keenan Hall - Furniture and Acrylics Tiffany Biljum - Nature Oil Paintings
Cleo Peterson - Mixed Media Irene Stauffer - Encastic/Photography
Nellie Chao - Traditional Chinese Painting Valery Korotkov - Impressionist/Nature
Peggy Anton - Hand Sewn Textiles/Pillows Lena Leitzke - Impressionist/Oils
Guy Warren - Abstract Oils Drie Chapek - Abstract/Oils
Mila Faulkner - Impressionist Oils Patricia Emmons - Abstract/Acrylics
Christopher Arnold - Sand/Acrylic Abstract Valery Korotkov - Landscape/Oils
David Lindes - Abstract/Local Photography Winston Rockwell - Nature/Photography
Rob Angus - Mirrored/Abstract Photography David Harrison - Impressionist/Madrona Trees
Terrence Gasca - Urban Paintings/Oils Ryan O'Keefe - Oil pastel/Nature
Anne Ariel Baker - Tablecloths/Textiles Sharon Wherland - Oil/Abstract
Luca Amapane - Black and White Photography Scott McDougall - Acrylic/Waterscapes
Bob Boundy - Linocut/Woodblock Prints Nicole Stremlow-Monahan - Acrylic/Fish
Gary Hamburgh - Local/NW Photography Natalie Goods - Mixed-Media/Nature Inspired
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