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3644 Wallingford Ave. N Seattle, WA Making art a part of everyday living. Tuesday - Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 12-6pm
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► MEDIUM Drie Chapek - Abstract/Oils Maria Germano - Hand Decorated Boxes
STYLE Jenny Kemp - Abstract/Pastel Doughlas Remy - Glass Grass/Fused Glass
COLOR/TONE Patricia Emmons - Abstract/Acrylic Paintings Bayley Kessler - Beaded earrings
SIZE Rosemary Weimer - Beaded Jewelry Elizabeth Halfacre - Collage/Mixed Media
PRICE Martie Carroll - Silk scarves Ray Bird - Fractal Photography
ARTIST'S NAME Kathryn Darner - Keshi pearls Jewelry Judith Bushnell - Functional Pottery
CUSTOM SERVICES Designs by T - Beaded Jewelry Jeni Dahn - Light Catchers
PAST ARTISTS Jan Hightower - Bags, Quilted Items Heather Davidson - Painted Jewelry
Many of our featured artists accept commissions and custom-designed work. Artists may also have items outside their general category. Please inquire for details. Diane Kazmarcyk - Decorative Pillows Colleen Lambert - Miniature Oil Paintings
Natalie Goods - Abstract/Mixed-Media Chris Lemmen - Metal Sculpture
Sharon Wherland - Abstract/Oils Denny Sargent - Runes, Handbuilt
Scott McDougall - Wavescapes/Acrylics Sophia Twersky - Scarves, bags
Tiffany Biljum - Abstract/Oils Kelley Knickerbocker - Mosaics
Tomoko Uno (Briggs) - Cartoon-like/Acrylic Blue Water Pottery - Functional Pottery
Scott Cahill Rude - Abstract/Urban Photos Courtney Putnam - Nature Encaustics
Bruce Falzarano - Abstract/Acrylics Marti Lyttle - Nautical/Acrylic
Robert Mitchell- Abstract/Oils Patty Makatura - Murals/Floral
Robert Wood - Abstract/Mixed Media Traci Bixby - Watercolor/Illustrations
Ellen Martorelli - Photography/Eye-Scapes Carol McKinney - Watercolor
Kent Hricziscse - Photography/Music/Nature Daniel Fleming - Local/Digital Photography
  Wendy Sloneker - Bags, Mittens, Jewelry
  Joni James - Musical/Pen & Ink
  Miranda Roberts -Painted Silk
  Douglas Dietiker - Nature Photography
  Winston Rockwell - Nature Photography
  Patty Makatura - Murals/Floral
  Miranda Roberts -Painted Silk
  Javier Roca - Watercolor/Landscape
  Michael McCaffrey - Mazes
  Nadia Kasko - Abstract/Acrylic
  Andrei Engelman - Symbolic/Mixed-Media
  Hossein Peigahi - Landscape/Watercolor
  David Harrison - Madrona Trees/Oils
  Ryan O'Keefe - Natural Elements/Oil Pastels
  MeLissa Stolte - Floral Photography
  Francesca Campbell Hulick - Abstract/Impressionist
  Marcia Shaver - Local Scenes/Oils & Acrylics
  Peggy O'Heron - Fabric/Hand sewn
Tracie Howe - International Photography Laurie Radin - Kimono fabric scarves
Lynne Auld - International Photography Brielle Designs - Light Switch Plates
Alex Strazzanti - Nature Photography Leon Tantau-Smith - Bone china Jewelry
Lisa JonesMoore - Found Objects Collage Jolica Taguiped - Mah Jong/Silver Jewelry
Diana Aurigemma - Watercolor/Tuscany Designs by T - Bali Beads/Silver Jewelry
Jan McGregor - Japanese Brocades Richard Lawson - Japanese Garden Photos
Andy Reynolds - Wildlife/Floral Photography Nicole Stremlow-Monahan - Koi Series/Oils
Diana Smith - Mandalas/Acrylic  
Laurie O'Donnell - International Photography  
Arturo Torres - International Photography  
Global Reflections - Travel Photography  
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