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Abstractions in oil - saturations of color as commentary on emotion, tension, and beauty.

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About the artist
"I grew up in Pullman Washington, then studied art and music at Western Washington University in Bellingham WA. For the past three years I have been working as an artist, violinist, and art educator in Guatemala. My work there culminated in a job as the artist in residence at the art gallery and museum in the town of Salamá, Baja Verapaz. There I exhibited my oil painting and water colors, and taught art education pedagogy to elementary education students and professional teachers in the community.

I see being an artist as a state of mind: an effort to act creatively, inventively, compassionately and to have every thing I do be in the service of knowing and creating beauty, and acting with grace.

This is a collection of oil paintings, mostly made during my time in Guatemala, that exhibit my efforts to teach myself how to see and use color. Specifically, I am working to make paintings that are primarily about color—their specific personalities, emotional connotations, the tensions and beauties created juxtaposing and layering paint. The compositions are intended to be in service of the conversations in color, working to keep the eye of the viewer moving in a semi-specific path through the work to the focal points of color or gesture. In my realistic as well as these non-representation works I like to work with a sense of natural light—to talk about light and create sunshine with paint."


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