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Young talent in Wallingford - meticulous detail and skilled beyond her years.

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About the artist
"I am 12 years old and am a 7th grader at Eckstein Middle School. I have been knitting for four years. I am mostly self-taught though I do now participate in a neighborhood knitting group at the Wallingford Center. I love to knit both because I am able to make beautiful things to share and also because it is a comforting activity and gives me a sense of calm and peace. I hope you enjoy the design and texture of my work. I like to make each piece unique and I am careful about the yarns I use for different purposes. I have learned that many people in this country are going hungry; even in our own neighborhood. I have decided to donate 10% of every sale to Solid Ground's Baby Cupboard's program that provides nutritional support for families with infants and young children." - Sophia Twersky


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