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The natural flow of koi fish create a compelling series.

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About the artist

"I have been creating art since I was a little girl. My mother encouraged me to do art anywhere, anytime. I created my first mural when I was 7 years old of Picasso’s The Clown. It covered my entire bedroom wall. I was also encouraged by my father in his woodworking shop. We spent hours experimenting ideas. I continued my passion in college at the University Of Illinios where I earned a BFA in Industrial Design. After College, I moved out to the great Northwest and worked as an Architect for various places and created art after hours. In 1999 I painted my first public, professional mural at the Woodland Park Zoo and started doing murals on commission for various residential projects as well as teaching painting and doing artwork for clients on commission. In 2009, I worked on a new style that is more fluid and loose than I have ever done. The colors are comforting and calm. This series of Koi fish, symbolize Independence, strength, and change. The numbers represent classic time. Now is the time for change.
In 2010, I am starting a new series, the “Soul” series. Every creature has a soul, an energy within. Over the year, I will paint various animals, people, and places that seem to have a special energy. A piece of art is a reflection of the artist’s soul. The meaning, is a reflection of the viewer. I hope my art will evoke something in the viewer to think about what they see and come to their own theory."

- Nicole Stremlow-Monahan


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