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Meditative paintings inspired by the ancient mandala design.

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About the artist
"The paintings you see here are all painted free-hand; they are not computerized.  They are acrylic and pen on illustration board.  I love the feeling of paint on a brush. The paintings are not meant to be symmetrical; I feel that by making them asymmetrical they are more of a natural expression.  Nothing in life is perfect.  Things appear to be balanced or even but if you look closely there are flaws, unbalances, disturbances, which make the thing more beautiful.  Most pieces can be hung in any direction - there is no top or bottom.  The designs are derived from shapes found in nature.  I usually begin a painting by visualizing the colors.  I’m synesthetic, so I often see colors when I listen to music.  

I draw my inspiration from the rose windows in Christian cathedrals and the mandala in the Buddhist faith and from kaleidoscopes.  The circle is a basic shape of life, the center of being; the mandala is a symbol of community, of connection; the shapes within the large circle symbolize the steps to enlightenment, the goal of one who meditates.  The purpose of the rose window & the mandala seem to serve a similar purpose in spiritual worship, to enhance the spiritual feeling.  These paintings are an abstract of this basic idea; they serve as a support for the meditating person.  All the pieces are painted in bright colors; I like the vibrancy and excitement one finds with intense color." - Diana Smith


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