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Healing messages embedded in encaustics. Featured artist in 'Natural Influence' exhibition.

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About the artist
"Creating art is a form of healing for me. My art is greatly influenced by my work as a healer (massage therapist and Reiki practitioner) and I see my play with paint and wax and found images as part of my path to personal growth and healing. I am particularly fond of mixed media and encaustic art because of the way these forms allow for whimsy, mistakes, and layered depth. I work intuitively, imprecisely, and create very much with an awareness of my body and its messages. In my art, Buddhas and birds are often central to my creations. Buddhas represent inner peace, balance, and spiritual connection for me. Birds are gentle, yet powerful creatures; they are light and fragile, yet profoundly symbolize freedom, release, creativity, and transformation. As an artist, writer, and healer, I see my work as embodying all of these characteristics." - Courtney Putnam


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