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Abstract and dream-like images of transcendental landscapes.

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About the artist

Hossein Peigahi is an architect who received his degree at the University of Oregon and practiced in Tacoma designing award winning schools. He has traveled widely throughout the Middle East and has often been a lecturer on the topic of "Indigenous Architexture of Hot and Arid Zones". He is an award winner of the National Architectural Drawing Contest and two of his drawings were published in the AIA Journal.

"Drawing and painting have given me a means of interpreting a continuous stream of visual ideas from an immediate situation. Landscape painting allows me to look at Nature as a source of serenity, emotional solace, and reconciliation. The color composition of each view is very important to me, but I only paint what I feel about a place rather than how it actually looks. I avoid unnescessary details that are detrimental to the clarity of the image."


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