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About the artist

"My work explores impermanence. Now you see it now you don’t. These exhibited pieces are artifacts that remain after time spent in a physical art space while in an art state of mind.

o New work from an ongoing series, Pentimento includes: Here Now*, Spring!, Across the Universe, Why. All incorporate found objects from “urban beach combing” or “thing-finding” expeditions into constructions.

o The hardware cloth “home” constructions are in an emerging series: Eucalyptus House.

*Here Now, 2011, was created (as was previous work in this series) using an altered watercolor paper ground. The paper is altered by using the garden as a printing press of a sort: saturating the paper with water, then burying it beneath compost and soil for a time; in some cases pigment, green tea, tea leaves, coffee and coffee grounds are added to the mix. The result is either intact paper, or paper pieces suitable for collage. Found urban bits are then either tied or cemented in place. 
(The paper is 140 lb. Canson cold press watercolor paper. The altered paper is affixed to a rag mat background with Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive.)

Recently more work in oil has emerged including Untitled, 2011. Calliope, 2011, is a work on paper using oil pastel and India ink, a favorite medium of mine that takes me back to the crayon with a watercolor wash pieces I made as a child.

I have been interpreting the world in visual terms since childhood, seriously, with humor, and seriously with humor. Art making is a daily practice for me. I like this quote by poet Stephen Dunn:

'I think one of my early motivations for [writing] was that other people's versions of experience didn't gel with my own. It was a gesture toward sanity to try to get the world right for myself. I've since learned that if you get it right for yourself, it often has resonance for others.'"

Nancy moved to Wallingford in 1989 from Santa Barbara, California, where she had graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the College of Creative Studies at UCSB (as a re-entry student in 1984). She worked in the Archive of the late Bauhaus artist and Professor Herbert Bayer in Montecito, was an artist-in-the-schools, and a staff person at Elizabeth Fortner Gallery, the Contemporary Arts Forum and the Summer Solstice Celebration. Her artwork is sprinkled in various places along the west coast, inside and out. In Seattle she worked as a picture framer, and wrote as an “art demystifier” for various publications; her art “reviews” appeared in local publications including Art Access, Eastsideweek, The Seattle Times, Artifact Magazine. She also wrote for syndicated newspaper columnist Mr. Handyperson (under the pseudonym Molly Bolt) on matters of home repair. She founded the It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Tree Planting Project here in Wallingford in 1991. She lives with her husband, musician Stuart Herrick, their three chickens, and is living the dream as a full-time artist.


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