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Combining her studies from master Italian painters with Northwest inspiration.

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About the artist
"A watercolorist for over 30 years, I now pursue my art fulltime, having retired from teaching. My art encompasses a broad range of images, inspiration coming from the verdant beauty of my native Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, travels to the beaches of northern California, and my immersion into the Italian culture during my months of study in Tuscany. In 2004 I spent several months in Florence studying color value and the use of light and shadow with watercolorist Marina Buchierri. In 2008 I returned to Florence to study with the Venezuelan artist, Wilson Guevara in the studio of renowned Florentine artist Marcello Tomasi where drawing, perspective and proportion were the emphasis as subjects turned to architecture and ordinary objects seen in everyday life. Whether the facades lining the Piazza Santo Spirito or the caffettiera steaming on the stovetop as I await my first morning espresso, the result of this universality and familiarity is that my art serves to invite, not intimidate.
I have exhibited in Washington, Massachusetts and California for over fifteen years. Initially I sold only original works, but in recent years I have produced limited edition prints of my most popular paintings, as well as a line of greeting and note cards. I personally oversee the production of these prints and cards in order to assure their quality. They are printed on 100% cotton rag Fabriano papers in order to maintain the look and feel of the original watercolor.”


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