"I crave the energy and passion expressed
through the visual arts. Painting is a necessity
to create harmony in my life and my scientific
career frequently inspires the paintings I
create. I seek to express the beauty of the
natural world and the heartache of wildlife
medicine, where the realities of sustainability
and conservation can be at odds with what is
conventionally portrayed when one thinks of
environmental and wildlife art.

I am not sure when I realized that my
creativity was such an important part of my
life, but I remember the support from a family
of scientists with a family history of artists. I
grew up in both Georgia and Wisconsin and
migrated out to Washington State after
studying Ecology and Biological Illustration. I
currently live in Seattle, painting when I am
not working as an environmental scientist. I
enjoy working in all painterly mediums but
use acrylic to create the vast majority of my
Oasis Art Gallery
Emily Livengood
www.oasisinseattle.com ~ info@oasisinseattle.com ~ 206-547-5177 ~ 3644 Wallingford Ave. N. ~ Seattle, WA 98103
Making art a part of everyday living.
Spotted Owl
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
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