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Impressionist style combining past and present.

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About the artist

Artist Lena Leitzke discovered her talent at an early age and set about training herself, as many artists have done ever since the Renaissance, drawing charcoal portraits the people around her. Those portraits are still in her portfolio, a treasure from an earlier time kept through years of migrations and emigration.She was surrounded by traditional influences as  a child. Her mother intruduced her to the world of classic paintings from Hermitage. She fell in love with Michelangelo, Rafael and French impressionists Degas and Monet. Lena considers her mission to create fine art that celebrates life and the human spirit in order to fullfill a greater purpose- to touch the hearts of people who view her work. Her art is a combination of natural talent, deep passion and everyday work. She typically works on several pieces at a time, as her inspirations vary and change and she is easily distracted. In additionto drawing and painting the figure, she likes to conveythe everchanging nature of cities and landscapes, using both abstraction and impressionistic realism. The titles of each piece come to her after the painting is complete, since she's unsure of any painting's direction until it is finished.



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