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Stunningly detailed and serene images of landscapes and florals.

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About the artist
"My passion in life is to inspire and nourish people through both my clinical work and my photography.  A camera for me is like a divining rod to beauty.  I believe that when we appreciate beauty our hearts can open and when our hearts are open we are more receptive to love and Spirit.   Touching people’s hearts throughout my life has brought me my deepest fulfillment.

The most common response to my images that I regularly hear is that, “They look like paintings.”  This painterly look is accomplished through a number of factors.   The first is film choice.  I typically use very color saturated films.  The second is paying careful attention to the interplay of contrast, color and composition.  All images are scanned into the computer using a high-end dedicated film scanner.   The third factor is personally printing all images on the highest quality archival textured fine art paper, using state-of-the-art pigmented inks and printer.

Throughout my life, I have always been strongly influenced by Asian art.  In particular, the concept of “less is more”.  Subsequently, in recent years I’ve noticed that a direction that I am growing in is to pursue images that are of a more interpretive nature."


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