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These miniature oil paintings make a big impact in any room..

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About the artist
"Through my art I try to create memorable images that 'work'. I enjoy the discipline and tradition of a representational painting style. I am an accomplished oil as well as watercolor artist from the Pacific Northwest and offer affordable art painted in a traditional style. I bring twenty plus years of painting experience to my clients. I was born and reared in Utah. I was educated in Utah, California and Washington State where I now reside and specialize in seascape portraits of the beautiful Northwest and
lively, colorful still life. I am the recpient of several awards and have twice been featured as a cover artist on Signature Magazine for the Arts. Both private and corporate clients collect my art. I happily say that my goal is to recreate the beauty that I observe and share that vision with others. If my art makes others happy, then I feel I've accomplished my goal." - Colleen Lambert


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