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Abstract style, subtle pastel colors, and creative design structures.

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About the artist
"The first thing many people see in my work is color - shape first followed by line. I fuse these elements to create a space where my primary inspirations (arboretums, copses, how people tend to resemble trees if you practice looking at them in the same way) can interact visually - primarily in the abstract. When I work I prefer the control that acrylic paint affords me in hue and tint towards creating a specific mood. Every color chosen is very deliberate as often it is just the slightest change in a tint that can make all the difference in creating an exact emotion. Alternatively, I achieve similar or same results (with subtle differences) when working in oil pastels and acrylics on paper - particularly in terms of line and dimension.  Any figurative components you may see in my work are a result of ongoing figure drawing opportunities - something I discovered I enjoyed taking advantage of early on in my study." - Jenny Kemp
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