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The passion of music, wine, and art.

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About the artist

"I find fulfillment working with bright colors and painting ordinary objects with a twist toward the whimsical and abstract. Starting first with basic shapes & balance, from there I build in layers using acrylics, inks, and some collage while the canvas communicates to me what to add next. It’s unpredictable as to when the piece will tell me it’s finished, therefore each one is a surprise. I’m learning to trust this process along with allowing each canvas to teach me my next lesson about life and art. I have enjoyed creating and selling art in the Seattle area for over 20 years. Mostly self-taught, I have gained informal training in drawing and printmaking at local community colleges, Sev Shoon and Cornish College of the Arts. It isn’t so much about the art we leave behind for those that follow or to prove some special gift we possess. But rather, it’s about what happens inside us while the work is revealing itself and how this process causes growth and change." - Joni James


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