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Soft tones and nature inspired subjects.

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About the artist

“Growing up, I was creating artwork on everything from illustrating school reports, to embroidering friends’ jeans, to painting murals on entrance walls of office buildings. After graduating from college, the most inspiring times came when someone admired my style and I would give artwork as a gift out of pleasure.


This behavior consequently did not sit well with my father, who had paid for my art degree. I went away from my creativity for quite awhile, experiencing life and adventure, and in that time blossomed into my own view of this colorful & special world. Moving to the mountains renewed my enthusiasm to express and share my artistic impressions. My dad would be delighted.”


Francesca Campbell Hulick was born in Texas, spending most of her childhood on her grandparent’s ranch in Paris, and likes to joke that she grew up in France. Francesca lived in the Rocky Mountains – in Bozeman, Montana, as well as Aspen, Crested Butte, and Durango, Colorado – since the early 1990s. She has now settled in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state.


Her work is inspired by animals, flowers, landscapes, and the immensity and mystery of nature. She works in oils, using bold colors and texturing to convey an impressionist sense to her work.


She has traveled extensively, to destinations as diverse as Scotland, New Zealand, Tahiti, western and eastern Europe, Ecuador, Alaska, Africa, Canada, and other places around the world and within the U.S.


Francesca received a BFA in Studio Art from The University of Texas, Austin, in 1973. She has been painting since then, but only recently has focused on sharing her art with others. Her background is diverse – firefighter, EMS ambulance crew member, search & rescue volunteer, ski instructor, veterinary assistant, hiking & mountain biking tour guide, video store owner, travel website publisher.


Francesca has two border collies and a husband – she’s not sure which is more demanding. When not painting, she enjoys being in the mountains – hiking, skiing, photographing.


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