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Modern abstract explorations of color, pattern and texture with stylized strokes.

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About the artist

"My interests in creative endeavor or art have been with me since childhood; my fascination with color I can remember back as far as 6 or 7 years old. I remember color as not only visual excitement but more importantly on seeing color, the feelings it provoked and the depth in which those feelings penetrated my soul -- especially when a color was illuminated by sunlight. It seemed to glow from within. I have never felt comfortable with a paintbrush. I always felt like there was too much room for error and that made me nervous.  I worked in the drywall trade and used to the different trowels or taping knives, as they are called. I then adapted the method to my painting. My first paintings were acrylic paint straight from the tube, spread on a piece of building insulation styrofoam with a palette knife. I still use acrylic paint from the tube and I never mix the paint before it goes on the canvas. If it mixes then it mixes while I am applying the paint and becomes a surprise for me. It keeps the process magical for me and that's important because I get bored easily. The two painters I admire most are Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning -- Jackson Pollock for his wonderful mosaic of lines in space which seem to traverse the entire span of the universe. And Willem de Kooning for his sumptuous and vast use of color floating in limitless space that frees my imagination.  He said, 'The surface of a canvas is a metaphor.' I think he is right." - Bruce Falzarano



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