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Seeking an international ethnicity in symbols.

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About the artist

"I am from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. I never formally studied art, but have been painting for as long as I can remember. I have been working in this particular style for more than seven years. While I call my style “ethno-symbolic naivism,” I have no particular ethnicity or nation in mind, nor do the symbols represent a particular religion.  I seek to convey an international ethnicity and to incorporate symbols that reflect broader principles of movement, energy, and the universe. The subjects of my paintings are quite simple and understandable.  My work is interior art—to be precise, interior painting—because it is light, cozy, and homey. I believe that in life there is always room for joy and love.  My fairy-tale, child’s world reminds us that the world is wonderful, kind, and simple." - Andrei Engelman



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