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Order custom mosiacs or pet portraits in mosaic tile from a photo.

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About the artist

Kelli Eggers has lived in Seattle for 18 years. She is originally from Bellingham, WA. At a young age her brother got her interested in art. She has made portraits of people and of animals in acrylic paint, pencil, pastels and ink, murals in children's rooms and an outside mural, and is currently illustrating a children's book. She has also done window painting for a department store and for private homes. She loves to draw and paint and now creates mosaics. It all started one day at a street fair where she bough a bag of tumbled glass with which she and her daughter each made a mosaic mirror. The ideas for her projects come from the things she loves. She also offer custom mosaics as pet portraits or other designs. Please contact us for details.



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