"I haven't been at this very long, only about 2 years. I retired
from the corporate world and what started out as getting a few
pictures for my own walls at home has become my passion. I
was raised in Western Washington enjoying the natural beauty
surrounding me. Hiking, camping and traveling in the Pacific
Northwest, I have had a passionate love of this wonderful area
from very early in life. I have always had a hard time describing
the fantastic scenery I see here every day. My words never
seemed to capture what my eyes

were seeing. Once I discovered photography, I found a way to
put my thoughts into an art that can fully describe what I was
seeing without me stumbling all over myself trying to put it in to
words. Photographing nature allows me to extend that love into
an something I can share with you. I enjoy photographing large
and also intimate landscapes, my favorite camera lens is my
wide angle and my favorite time of day is Sunrise and Sunset.
Unlike many photographers, I rarely fill my memory card with
photos. I have to "feel" the shot before I will take it."
Recognition and Publication:  Washington State Photography
Exhibition in August 2008, 3 photos received awards. Selected
as one of the Seattle Times "Years Best" Pix from My
Weekend. Outdoor Photographer has 2 of my photos featured
in My Favorite Places and Featured Photographer on Visit
Oasis Art Gallery
Douglas Dietiker
Making art a part of everyday living.
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Glowing Ripples
Shi Shi