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Lynne's international photographs are available in various sizes.

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About the artist

"Photography has been a major part of my life from the time I was given a Brownie camera as a child.  My father installed a darkroom for me in our bathroom and taught me the basics of black and white developing and printing, which is still my first love, though I've gradually converted to digital photography. I have an Interdisciplinary Master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Art and Anthropology and have worked and exhibited in museums and galleries in this country and overseas.  My favorite job was with the Solomon Islands National Museum, establishing an archives of historic photographs for use in museum exhibitions and publications. Photography has been a constant throughout a life of travel.  It has allowed me to record the people and places I've encountered, and has provided me with employment along the way.  I prefer to photograph in the real world rather than in the studio, and to use a minimal amount of equipment to capture images of stopped time.  What interests me are, most often, the quiet moments of everyday living, wherever I happen to be." - Lynne Auld


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